Brazilian Intuitive
Energy Healer
Results of  Waldete's Intuitive Healing
Natural Healing and Rejuvenation:

  • Relieves Physical Ailments
            Migraine headaches
          Back and body pain
          Mobilization of joints
          Circulatory problems
          Sinus condition
          Multiple Sclerosis

  • Reduces Stress
           Peace of mind
                 Manage the stress of business ownership

  • Relieves Emotional Blocks
           Relationship problems
           Early childhood trauma
           Panic Syndrome
           Fear, anxiety, and depression
           Job loss, loss of loved ones, etc - (Grief counseling)

  • Improves Personal Growth & Well Being
Confidence building
Embrace lifestyle changes

  • Eases Mental Conditions
           ADHD & other behavior conditions

  • Enhances Spirituality
           Understand the meaning of spiritual experiences
           Become more established with your inner Self