Waldete began doing healing work in her native country Brazil.  
The gift of healing has been in her family for four generations. Both
of her grandmothers and her great grandmother were spiritual
healers.  At a very young age she received messages from Spiritual
Guides who led her to experience very deep spiritual connections
and healing powers.

She came to USA in 1992 with her four children raising them in
Cincinnati, Ohio. Waldete has four grand children. She currently
lives with her husband, Bill, in Sarasota county Florida.

Waldete has a bachelor’s degree in Educational Counseling, holds
a Certificate of Reiki Master Teacher, studied at the Usui System
of Natural Healing, is certified by the American Reflexology
Certification Board, and holds a Certificate of Touch for Health
from the Kinesiology Association of America.    

Waldete is a student of spirituality.  She is devoted to the guidance
and teachings of her spiritual teacher and to the study of  scriptures
on this mystical journey toward God. Through her spiritual practice
she has experienced that the divine healing power is within
About Waldete
Brazilian Intuitive
Energy Healer