“I had a bad back, shoulder problems, and acid reflux.  Often I   
didn’t have to tell her where my problems were.  She just knew.   
She’d say ‘Your energy is low here’ or,‘You have too much stress’.
Eventually all my complaints got better.”  D.R., Home Builder, CEO,

“I’m learning to manage pain in a whole new way.  People say I look
better and I feel better.”    N.M., Life Success Seminars, Director of
Operations, Cincinnati

“I took a series of treatments with Waldete Fioretti for energy
cleansing and healing.  I found her treatments to be very empowering
in helping me to transform my energy into more constructive
patterns.  I found Waldete to be very dedicated in her practice and a
very gifted healer: physically, emotionally and spiritually.”    G. S.,
Writer, Cincinnati

“Waldete is a true diamond amongst the many healers of our time.  
With her subtle, non-judgmental and wise intuitive healing style, she
has led me to my highest personal path towards self-realization.  She
has shown me my wings that will take me gently through my life
adventure.”          C H.,  Diplomat, Spain

“Waldete is a very loving and caring person and this shows in her
compassionate care for each individual. I have always looked
forward to our visits because she provides excellent therapy
services.  She is very positive and you can trust her 100%. If you
need healing I would highly recommend Waldete’s loving and
knowledgeable holistic care. You won’t be disappointed.”  D.M.,
Lajolla, CA

"My experience with Waldete's healing was very subtle, yet
profound, gentle, loving and relaxing. Her intuitive skills touched
parts of myself that had been lying dormant, so that I was able to see
them with new eyes and able to let go of the blocks that were
holding me back. She is a real beacon of light!"   2013, Englewood,
12/31/13 - Truly, a session with Waldete is very gentle, and tenderly
nourishes the sacred within.  I was able to relax peacefully in her
warm, beautiful treatment room and respond with ease to her safe,
sensitive and caring touch.   Surprisingly, her soft, light approach
carried me to a profound experience of release and nourishing
rejuvenation.   Waldete has a sublime gift for facilitating deep,
powerful transformation, healing and well-being.  I feel blessed to
have met her.

Suzanne H., Albuquerque, NM
Brazilian Intuitive
Energy Healer
“Having been a client of Waldete for over three years.  She
intuitively can de-stress, de-fatigue, put my body back in balance
and make me feel wonderfully energized in only an hour!  She has
these healing hands."         C.C., Business Co-Owner, Cincinnati

“From the moment Waldete started --- my body, heart and even my
soul started on her healing journey.  As the warmth traveled from
one area to another we became a circle of light.  --- the globe or
circle of light infused every area of my body that her hands
traveled.  As Waldete progressed with her healing hands I felt us
become a pulsation of this healing energy.” M. F., Charlottesville,

“Waldete is a unique healer/psychic practitioner.  I am forever
grateful for such profound healing and guidance.”       C.K., NYC

“I love having healing sessions with Waldete.   I always feel relaxed
and open with her.  I have the utmost confidence in her ability to
heal the physical, mental and spiritual aspects of myself.”       N. B.,
“Waldete’s healing touch reaches to my physical, emotional, mental,
and spiritual natures. The effect is immediate and long term.”   T.
Q., Jacksonville, FL

"I went to Waldete looking for relaxation, although I had a terrible
pain in my shoulder, thinking that probably I should have a deep
tissue massage. Surprisingly I had so much relief from her work
that the next day I had no pain and a lot of energy. If you are
looking for healing, and do not feel pain, I highly recommend
Waldete."  May 2013, Rotunda, FL

"I wanted to say thank you for your intuitive and heartfelt insight
during my session. Spirit truly speaks to you and through you and
to the Divine I am thankful for your Gift. I am loving the energy I
received from your intuitive healing." R.S., Cincinnati, 2013