Brazilian Intuitive
Energy Healer

By Suzi Harkola, Natural Awakenings Magazine

Intuition and experience allow certain gifted individuals to help people take steps to
regain their health. These people are called Intuitive or Energy Healers. Their “sixth
sense” searches for the cause of the conditions that are making someone ill, and
provide direction so they are actually healing themselves. The Intuitive Healer is, in
effect, a medium, using a natural approach to achieve body balance and efficient
body functions by energizing, cleaning and balancing muscle tissue and body
systems, removing energy blocks that lead to diseases and enhancing the body’s
natural healing potential.  

Intuitive healing is said to promote body balance and efficient body functions by
energizing, cleaning and balancing muscle tissue and body systems; removing energy
blocks that lead to diseases; and enhancing the body natural healing potential.  

Waldete Fioretti is a Brazilian Intuitive Healer in south Sarasota County. New to the
Venice/Englewood area, she has worked with several local residents, with, as she
reports, positive outcomes.

”I’ve been providing Intuitive Healing services in the U.S. for 21 years,” she says,
“and moved to Englewood about a year ago. I acquired and developed my intuitive
healing in Brazil from both of my grandmothers, and am a fourth generation intuitive

“It’s just something you’re born with,” she continues. “You can’t learn it, really.
With experience, you can hone it, listen to your heart and your patients, and offer
them directions to the path of healing.”

Fioretti related an example of a local man in his seventies who was suffering from
the effects of Parkinson’s Disease. His son and daughter-in-law saw one of her
posters in an Englewood health foods store. Since they were familiar with energy
healing from their time living in New York City, they made an appointment with her
before recommending Intuitive Healing for their father.

“Each had an amazing experience of rejuvenation and contentment; they
immediately persuaded Dad to come see me,” she said. “Although I knew he was
reluctant at first, he began to feel some of the debilitating effects of Parkinson’s
lessening. After a month he his balance and energy improved greatly and he was able
to golf and drive like a healthy younger man.”

Another client had several sessions with Fioretti. In a follow-up note to her, she
wrote, “I was able to relax peacefully in your warm, beautiful treatment room and
respond with ease to your safe, sensitive and caring touch. You have a sublime gift
for facilitating deep, powerful transformation, healing and well-being.”

Fioretti says that Brazilian Intuitive Healing promotes health restoration and is an aid
in the prevention of disease. The key is to use intuitive and holistic methods of
focusing on each client as a complex, dynamic, and unique being. Healers can “see”
where there are energy blocks or imbalances and are able to restore the natural flow
of one’s subtle energy.

The results of Intuitive Healing are based on each client’s intention, which must be
understood prior to the Intuitive Healing session. It’s a collaborative effort between
the healer and the patient.

For more information on Intuitive Healing visit Waldete.com, call 941-525-6040 or
email healer@waldete.com.