Brazilian Intuitive
Energy Healer
Intuitive Energy Healing

Energy Healing is a holistic process that purifies and opens the flow of your own healing energy.  The main
purpose of intuitive healing is
natural healing and rejuvenation that transforms an individual's life.  It is
especially effective when one is experiencing a physical, emotional or spiritual imbalance. Symptoms of this
imbalance include illness, pain, sorrow, and anxiety.  Waldete focuses on your particular intention (goal or

Waldete draws on her unique intuitive and spiritual awareness to read the client's aura or energy field  to identify
and correct the movement of the inner subtle energy.  She also provides a consultation of her reading along with
recommendations for self-improvement.

Tapping into the Creative Power Waldete allows the rejuvenation to happen using her own techniques, as well as
several healing modalities she has learned over the past 25 years..  

The healing includes a consultation to help you understand the process and practice your own self-healing. To
get the most from your psychic reading and consultation, weekly sessions are recommended until you accomplish
your healing intention.
Waldete performs her healing work at the
Shine Yoga Center in Hyde Park,
Cincinnati, Ohio

Gift Certificates are available
Distant Energy Therapy: Waldete conducts therapy sessions over long-distances, anywhere in the USA and international.