Selling Your Home
If you are selling a home have it cleansed of your emotional attachments and any unresolved issues.
The Cleansing will open your house to new energy that will make potential buyers feel welcome, safe and eager to move in.

Office/Business Space
This Spiritual and Intuitive Cleansing can also be applied to your office or place of business to bring more harmony,
productivity, and prosperity to you and to those who work there.

May your home or business space become replete with love and peace.  In this way you will come to understand the
significance of the power of cleansing through your own experience.
Brazilian Intuitive
Energy Healer
Home, Office & Business Environmental Cleansing
An Intuitive Home/Business Cleansing will:

•        Create a more positive, joyful, and productive environment for you to be in.
•        Increase the likelihood of selling your home sooner. (if it is for sale)
Your home is where the Heart is.  

For a business owner the
workplace is the source of one’s livelihood.
If the home or business establishment is older, the residual energy patterns of
previous inhabitants could be present. These energy patterns affect the way you,
family, employees, and customers feel, think and behave in the building.