Brazilian Intuitive
Energy Healer
What To Expect from an Intuitive Energy Therapy Session
Waldete’s Energy Therapy is a holistic approach – to help you
create health in all areas of your life. She performs healing work
by cleaning, moving and balancing the inner subtle energy.

A typical session can be summarized as:
  1. Analyze your energy field or aura to locate the source of
    the physical, emotional or spiritual imbalance or blocks.
  2. Spiritual counseling takes place whereby you discusses
    your life situation at the moment.
  3. The focal point or source of the discomfort, pain, grieving
    or emotional imbalance is then determined.
  4. The healing begins by restoring the flow of the life-force
    energy, which exists within all of us.

Her therapy sessions are completely intuitive. Waldete will
interview you to find a common ground of communication.  
Principle questions will be: What is your intention for this healing
session?  What physical, emotional, or mental challenges are you
experiencing?  From your answers, Waldete will determine your
needs and decide on what healing techniques she will use. Finding
a common ground of understanding, she will scan your energy
field to find imbalances, blockages, and depletions.

You will be asked to lie on a therapy table.  There is no need to
remove any clothing.  While constantly watching your changing
flow of energy Waldete reads your physical body and scans to
check internal structural alignment and organ functions. She
measures the major areas of difficulty in your body and energy
system.  The major areas inspected for responses are the
endocrine system, autonomic nervous system, and emotions

After “seeing” an overview of your energy field or aura, Waldete
integrates the intuitive/spiritual dimension of healing with a
creative interpretation of several ancient healing practices.  
Working with these conjoint practices involves moving her hands
above your body at the level of your energy field.  Waldete places
her hands over the appropriate chakras in your energy field to
explore the entire inner system. As the healing progresses the
healing effects gets much stronger.  More energy flows through
your system and you will probably go into a very deep state of
relaxation, which helps the healing process a great deal.  

Healing sessions run 60 to 90 minutes.  For best results sessions
are usually scheduled once a week for several weeks.  The
number of healing sessions depends on the depth of the problem,
how long the problem has existed, and your judgement to
continue.  Many clients wish to continue the healing process long
after the original imbalance is gone because what they originally
settle for as “healthy” is simply no longer acceptable.  It becomes
a spiritual experience.