Brazilian Intuitive Healer
Distant Healing
Waldete has clients throughout the United States and Internationally – from
Brazil to Nepal.  She is able to serve them through Distant Healing.  Her clients
experience the same beneficial results as the Intuitive Healing she conducts in
her office.

How does it Work?
As we know the planetary- etheric body is whole, unbroken and continuous; we
all are interconnected.  In reality, we are one.
The channels of relationships can be conductors of many different types of
energies, transmitted by everyone.  It is important for all of us that our thoughts
always are conscious.   During the Intuitive Healing sessions, distant or not, the
energy will follow where you’re intention is focused.
Please, reflect on your intention.   Contemplate it from your heart.  Write it in
your journal.  A clear intention is conducive to a more beneficial healing

For Best Results:
•        Determine your intention, as clear as possible.
•        Wear comfortable clothes.
•        Have a container with drinking water. Place it in the healing room covered with a white cloth.   
•        Sit or lie down in a quiet room.
•        Turn off your phone and other distractions.
•        Focus on your breathing; breathe in deep and exhale long and slowly – 3 times.
•        Let go of all expectations and desires.  
•        Remain in your distant healing room for at least 1 hour.
•        Drink the water gradually during the week following the Distant Healing while you contemplate
your healing intention.  

You and Waldete will have a conversation via telephone five (5) minutes prior to the session to begin
the healing.   After that, conversation is not permitted for one hour because the Distant Healing will be
in progress.

After the Distant Healing Session
Very slowly bring your attention back to the room, focus on your breathing, easefully move and stretch
your body, and remain in your calm mood.    
After several minutes when you feel you are in the state of mental alertness you are welcome to write
your experiences in your journal.  

Waldete will conduct a 30 minute follow-up consultation with you 24 hours after the session.  This will
give you time to assimilate what you experienced. Arrangements will be made by e-mail or phone.    

Be aware that transmitting the healing energy is an ancient science and art form.  Your receptivity will
facilitate the absorption and assimilation of the transmitted healing energy as the life energy is
distributed throughout your whole physical, mental and spiritual body.   

Fee: $115.00 USD